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- 20 Aug 2023 -
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- 1 Sep 2022 -
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Interview with SRSC CEO Mr. Michael D. Knight in Arabian Aerospace

- 23 May 2021 -
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About Us

The Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company delivers improved rotorcraft readiness whilst lowering customer platform life cycle costs and maintenance burden.

World class partners combined with world class capabilities delivers first of its kind capabilities in the kingdom to support Saudi rotorcraft fleet growth and achieve key Saudi Vision 2030 objectives.

Alsalam Aerospace Industries, Boeing and Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries have established the Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to bring proven sustainment capabilities for the Kingdom’s commercial and defense rotorcraft platforms. The joint venture sees locations in Riyadh and Jeddah providing comprehensive, in-country maintenance repair and overhaul support for Saudi Arabia’s diverse rotorcraft fleet.

Through in-country cooperation, SRSC is focused on expanding the Saudi workforce through the creation of self-sustaining jobs, technical skills development for local workers and further involvement of the Saudi aerospace supply base.

The Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company is further committed to delivering the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.



In 2015 Alsalam Aerospace Industries, Boeing and Saudia Aerospace Engineering Industries (SAEI) signed an agreement to create the Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company.

The joint venture, an economic offset program, combines core strengths and disciplines to create a unique offering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.



To become the preferred center of excellence for rotorcraft maintenance, repair, overhaul and support in Saudi Arabia.



Our mission is clear and aligned with the objectives of our customers, our partners and the underpinning objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030.



Our e3 values are the operating principles that guide Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company internal conduct as well as our relationship with our customers, suppliers and partners.






Existing capabilities within Saudi industry for Rotorcraft Support are extremely fragmented and lack OEM repair capabilities necessary to support the growing fleet within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Depot level maintenance support within the Kingdom of Saudi

Arabia for Rotorcraft platforms is leveraged by the Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company, utilising and complementing the wide range of specialized modifications, operational level and limited intermediate level support to operational units that exists across the Kingdom.


Maintenance & Maintenance Support

Depot Overhaul & Repair

Program & Supply Chain Management

Saudi Pilot & Maintenance Training


SRSC has the capability to safely and securely support 16+ Rotorcraft Types from 6 Aircraft and 6 Engine manufacturers, representing 300+ Rotorcraft in total.

We will provide local support to 9 Rotorcraft Operators in Saudi Arabia.


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Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company