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April 12, 2018

SRSC One year anniversary

“It was a huge honour to celebrate the SRSC 1st Anniversary with team SRSC at Al Nakhlah Tower on the 12th April 2018.

Our team at the SRSC is growing stronger every day; collectively we have put in place excellent foundations, underpinning our strategic objectives to Partner, Protect And Invest whilst ensuring Safety and Quality remain key to our core values.

During our inaugural year, we have established our Hangar Facilities, Implemented our ERP Systems, Developed our QMS to industry recognised standards and recruited Team SRSC which is now located in 8 locations across the Kingdom; as we move into our second year, we look forward to providing further support to the Rotorcraft Operators of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and ensuring the Kingdom meets its VISION 2030 Goals.” – Neil Bevan, CEO