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Our mission is clear and aligned with the objectives of our customers, our partners and the underpinning objectives of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Vision 2030;

Establish rotorcraft platform sustainment in KSA; 

First to market capability supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Rotorcraft Capability. Supporting all OEMs in the Kingdom, including Airbus, Bell, Boeing, Leonardo, MD Helicopters and Sikorsky platforms.

Provide high quality local capability that reduces depot time, shortens timelines and lowers life cycle costs;

Safety and Quality without compromise, ensuring that we continually improve the readiness of the growing rotorcraft fleet, reducing the life cycle cost through intelligent management of the fleet and reducing the maintenance burden through continuous improvement in our operating centres.

Develop a Saudi workforce, complemented by non-Saudi knowledge experts;

Investment in our business and our people is a key activity for the Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company.

Engage and expand KSA industry and capability;

Developing our relationships across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ensuring investment is duly considered and leveraging existing capabilities to ensure a profitable future for our business and a cost competitive service to our local customer community.

Support Saudi pilot & maintainer training needs;

Investment in our facilities, our relationships across the Kingdom and in our people is a key enabler to providing direct support to the training needs of pilots and maintainers both internally within the Saudi Rotorcraft Support Company and importantly within our customer communities.